What Is The Cheapest Means Of Advertising?

anthony.jpgLast week a friend complained to me about her generator and how the technician who had been handling its maintenance had been cheating her. I wasted no time in recommending the technician who had been maintaining my generator for years. I told her of two reasons why he is extremely recommendable and seemingly, my only choice.

Firstly, the guy is extremely sincere. He would never tell you lies about faults detected or give you outrageous prices of the spare parts that he needs to replace. Hence, I hardly beat down his service charge. Secondly, he was extremely good at his job. He hardly gambles. So, it boiled down to the fact that he was my choice because of his rare PERSONALITY. Rare, because greed and make-belief have taken over the world of business. What are common are people who are so eager to make ungodly money at the expense of unsuspecting customers and people who promise you what they cannot deliver. As expected, he lived up to my advert at the lady’s home. So, from maintaining my generator, we have become very good friends 🙂

And so, without hand bills, TV, radio and newspaper adverts, banners and bill boards, my friend has been getting free adverts from his lucky customers, especially me. Nearly all my neighbors now use him, and gladly, they have discovered that my adverts were not make-beliefs. So, they too have joined the advert train for my friend….all free of charge 🙂 Okay, you might get a bottle of drink sometimes for the advert 🙂 But that it is really a cheap means of advertisement.

So, are you in business? ?Why don’t you consider this very cheap means of advertisement. I’ts very effective.

Thanks for your time.


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